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Thank you for your interest in writing for mediawikiexperts.blog. This document serves as a visual style guide for your articles. We largely adopt the style guidelines of opensource.com, which we find very helpful:

Word count

We don’t worry too much about word count, and neither should you. If having a word count helps you structure your writing, here are a few guidelines:

500-600 words: Around 500 words might be all you need to provide a project update, announce a new conference, or share other timely open source news.

600-800 words: For reference, a 1-2 page print magazine article is around 750 words (1 page without images, 2 pages if it includes several images and/or screenshots). This is a good range for a regular feature article, column submission, interview, or roundup. Consider adding a sub-head or two to break up the text and walk readers through sections of the article.

800-1,300 words: How-tos, getting-started guides, tutorials, and more thorough roundups that go a little more in-depth tend to be longer than feature articles.

1,300+ words: If your article is much longer than 1,300 words (e.g., closer to 2,000), we might consider breaking the story up into multiple parts.


Trailer: Blog posts should have a short trailer that informs readers what the article is about and interests them in the topic. This trailer is simply placed in bold at the beginning of the article.

“More” tag: Please insert a “more” tag after the entry of the article, so that the articles on the start page do not become too long.

Subheads: If your article is longer than 500 words, consider adding subheads to break up the text and make your article easier to read. Use <h2> and/ or <h3> headers.

Interviews: Use bold for the questions and regular formatting for the answers.

Inline formatting: We allow italics and bolding, but please use these sparingly. Although using dashes (–like these) is common, we only use mdash characters (—like this).

Source code and terminal commands: If your article contains code, please delineate it with the <code> tag. If it’s a short piece of code, the name of the function, or some other small snippet, feel free to leave it in-line within a paragraph, but longer chunks should be broken onto new lines. Do not use blockquotes or the <pre> tag for code samples.

Hyperlinks: When linking to an outside source within your article, choose the option to open the link in a new tab with the target=”_blank” attribute.


We need for each contribution if possible a picture or a screenshot. If you want to use a picture in your article, you can find one here or the editorial staff will look for one.

Inline images: Inline images and screenshots add visual interest, may help to illustrate your article, and break up the text. If you include images, be sure that they match the license being used for your article (our default is Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0), or that you let us know what the license is, and that you otherwise have appropriate permission to share them on our site.

  • Credits: Please include image credits and license details when you submit your post and images.
  • Size: Images require a minimum width of 800px.
  • Alt text: Include alt text for images that describes what is pictured to help us serve readers with visual impairments.
  • Label images: Label images so editors can easily tell which image should be used within an article (e.g., mymediawiki.png).
  • Add captions (if applicable): Be sure to reference within your article text where your image should go and what the caption should read. (e.g., [myscreenshot.png] Caption: This is a screenshot of my MediaWiki installation.)

Ticker messages

Ticker messages are intended for short messages; for example, release messages. They have a maximum length of 50 words, need a short headline and at least one link. Ticker news have no pictures.


As an author you are aware that all of his or her texts and images published here are under a free license (Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0).

The operators of the blog cannot accept liability for copyright infringements. Therefore, the authors assure that they own the copyrights to the texts, images and documents published in the blog or are under a suitable free license.

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