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The MediaWiki Stakeholders’ Group (MWStake) is a Wikimedia user group consisting of

  • MediaWiki developers,
  • system administrators,
  • users,
  • consultants and
  • hosting providers.

who cooperate in order to improve the software and advocate the needs of MediaWiki users outside the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) and its projects. Thus to ensure MediaWiki becomes and stays the best fit open source wiki for knowledge sharing and documentation.


Communication and coordination among MediaWiki users

We will be a nexus of support for MediaWiki users outside the Wikimedia sites. Users outside the WMF have a lot of experience. Still, there is a need to provide answers to their support questions. These users improve MediaWiki with extensions and share common problems. MediaWiki Stakeholders’ Group aims to give them a voice to share their experience and coordinate their efforts.

Coordination between different groups of MediaWiki developers and operators

Core changes can sometimes break widely used extensions, but they also have the potential to greatly improve widely used extensions. Extension developers find bugs, improve core code and simply rely on the core. Operators of wikis outside WMF have their own issues, but could greatly benefit from and contribute to the experience of people running the Wikimedia sites.

Foster the ecosystem around MediaWiki

We recognize there is a range of developers, consultants, and companies that work with MediaWiki and improve functionality for their customers. We want to build a friendly environment for them to share their work and give them visibility. In addition, we want to make it easier for people seeking professional services and support to be able to find help.

Facilitate implementation of MediaWiki features

There is a need for features that are not in the core focus of Wikimedia sites, but could greatly improve the user experience of other wikis. Through the MediaWiki Cooperation, we aim to be able to support the development of these features.

Improve documentation of extensions and MediaWiki visibility

The documentation of MediaWiki, especially its extensions, is a key success factor for its use outside of Wikimedia sites. We aim to improve the quality of documentation and make it easier for outside users to assess the benefit and quality of extensions.

Contribute to the development of MediaWiki

By watching the proposed changes to MediaWiki and assessing the impact to users outside of the Wikimedia sites, we want to ensure the full utilization of the software by on non-WMF wikis. We will also commit to contributing our improvements and work towards their inclusion in the main product.


MediaWiki Stakeholders’ Group is a recognized Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) affiliation. The WMF was established as a nonprofit in 2003 to give Wikipedia ‘the largest source of human knowledge ever created’ a permanent home.

Since 2020 the stakeholders are also a incorporated association. Read our bylaws.


Support the MediaWiki ecosystem

You can help in various ways to develop MediaWiki further. For example as a developer, tester or translator, as an organizer or copywriter.

Become a member or sponsor

Above all, you can support our work financially by becoming a member or sponsor.

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