Last Friday, MediaWiki 1.35 (LTS) was officially released!

So there is a new long term support version, which will be supported with patches until the end of September 2023.

As usual, the release brings countless bug and security fixes, but also a long list of “breaking changes”. However, two changes are to be emphasized.

1. VisualEditor/Parsoid is now part of the standard bundle! This means that after many years the Visual Editor is now an integral part of MediaWiki, that the installation of a MediaWiki with Visual Editor has become much easier and that now users who obtain a MediaWiki via a One-Click-Hoster have the chance that the Visual Editor will soon be available for them.

2. MediaWiki 1.35 requires PHP 7.3.19 and therefore a quite recent Server OS.

More details can be found on the official documentation page.