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Developer blogs

River Writes

Megan Cutrofello (a.k.a. RheingoldRiver) is a MediaWiki Developer and shares her technical experiences.


Blog posts – not only – around Wikidata, Wikibase and Wikimedia.

Blogs from the Wikimedia world

WikiMedia Tech Blog

Stories shared by the Wikimedia technical community – focused on Wikimedia projects.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Facts, stories, and people from across the Wikimedia movement.

Blogs of MediaWiki companies

BlueSpice News

Company blog of the Enterprise Distribution Bluespice MediaWiki.


Blog of the Berlin hoster Professional.Wiki with a special passion for Semantic MediaWiki.

Wikibase Solutions

Corporate blog of the wiki company Wikibase with news about MediaWiki in Dutch.


Sabine Melnicki from Vienna writes about knowledge management and Semantic MediaWiki.