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Between the Brackets by Yaron Koren is a podcast about the people and ideas behind the MediaWiki software. Interviews with developers and users of MediaWiki, both for Wikimedia sites (Wikipedia, Wikidata, etc.) and the many uses of MediaWiki in companies, organizations, government agencies, etc.

  • Episode 71: Richard Heigl and Markus Glaser

    πŸ•‘ 2 hours 14 minutes Richard Heigl (left) and Markus Glaser (right) are two of the founders of the German technology company Hallo Welt! GmbH. Hallo Welt! does MediaWiki consulting and development, and is best known for producing the MediaWiki distribution BlueSpice. Links for some of the topics discussed: Hallo Welt! BlueSpice Wiki: Web Collaboration (2005 book by Richard, Markus and Anja Ebersbach) BlueSpice on mediawiki.org MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group MediaWiki Experts Blog SMWCon Fall 2020

  • Episode 70: BTB Digest 11

    πŸ•‘ 28 minutes Highlights from recent episodes! Sarah Rodlund and Alexandra Paskulin talk about creating a process for good documentation, Tom O'Neill makes the case for MediaWiki in government, Richard Knipel looks forward to reclaiming a spirit of innovation, Raimond Spekking dismisses the need for access control, and Albert Kettner talks about how science has become (in part) an IT job.

  • Between the Brackets is now also on YouTube

    You can now find Between the Brackets on YouTube! Thanks to the efforts of Canadian listener (and MediaWiki enthusiast) Julien Tremblay McLellan, every episode is now additionally on YouTube - and he's planning to keep uploading new episodes. If you like getting your audio/video content on YouTube, you can find the whole playlist here.

  • Episode 69: Vivian Epiney

    πŸ•‘ 1 hour 3 minutes Vivian Epiney is a teacher as well as the creator and main administrator of Le Dico des Ados ("dictionary of adolescents"), a French-language wiki dictionary intended for 8 to 13-year-olds. Links for some of the topics discussed: Le Dico des Ados "Le Dico des ados : petit frΓ¨re du Wiktionnaire" (video demonstration and interview with Vivian, in French) English-language Vikidia Simple English Wikipedia "Wikikids" proposal on Meta-Wiki List of wikis for children on Meta-Wiki Drilldown page on Le Dico des Ados (uses Cargo) Foreground skin for MediaWiki

  • Episode 68: Nikki Nikkhoui

    πŸ•‘ 51 minutes Nikki Nikkhoui is a software engineer in the Platform team at the Wikimedia Foundation. She has been a MediaWiki developer since 2019. Links for some of the topics discussed: FutureMe: Write a Letter to your Future Self Wikimedia Platform Team MediaWiki REST API Test-driven development Wikipedia article The Phoenix Project (2013 business novel)

  • Episode 67: Albert Kettner

    πŸ•‘ 1 hour 3 minutes Albert Kettner is a research professor at the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) at the University of Colorado, and the main administrator of the wiki of the Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System (CSDMS). Links for some of the topics discussed: Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research Wikipedia article Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System Wikipedia article CSDMS GitHub page Project Jupyter Wikipedia article CSDMS homepage/wiki CSDMS model repository Jobs board Labs portal

  • Episode 66: Raimond Spekking

    πŸ•‘ 50 minutes Raimond Spekking is a longtime MediaWiki developer and consultant. Since 2003 he has also contributed to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, most notably tens of thousands of freely-licensed photos. Links for some of the topics discussed: MediaWiki Translate extension MediaWiki Beratung User:Raymond on Wikimedia Commons "Koelner Dom - Bayernfenster 02.jpg" (list of known uses) "Bulletproof glass window after a burglary attempt.jpg" (2008 photo)

  • Episode 65: Richard Knipel

    πŸ•‘ 1 hour 25 minutes Richard Knipel is a Wikimedian-in-residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He is also the co-founder and former president of Wikimedia New York City, a board member of the Wiki Education Foundation and the Internet Society New York, and the founder of Wikispore. Links for some of the topics discussed: Wikimedia New York City "Wiki Loves X" Guinness World Records: Largest photography competition Wikipedian in residence Wikipedia article Public Domain Characters List (Note: I got the question about Mary Poppins wrong, so Richard actually got a perfect score on this! -Yaron) Wikispore Event Spore Art Spore Wikispore Wikimedia project proposal Wikispore Day Wikispore Day mini-conference, YouTube

  • Episode 64: BTB Digest 10

    πŸ•‘ 25 minutes Clips from some recent episodes. Ad Strack van Schijndel recounts how running for office led him to discover MediaWiki, Evita Hollis talks about MediaWiki and Microsoft SharePoint coexisting, Duncan Crane talks about making government work easier, Amir Aharoni shares his impractical idea for replacing links in Wikipedia, Will Kavanagh gives advice on how to reward wiki editors, and more!

  • Episode 63: Tom O'Neill

    πŸ•‘ 1 hour 20 minutes Tom O'Neill is the Federal Domain Manager at the U.S. Department of Energy. He is the Lead Curator and Ambassador of the Department of Energy wiki Powerpedia. He also runs the U.S. government's "MediaWiki in Government" group. Links for some of the topics discussed: "Powerpedia at Two" (PDF file for 2012 slide presentation) Tom's Powerpedia presentation, EMWCon 2017 (YouTube video) Notes for the presentation Federal Government Use of MediaWiki Panel, EMWCon 2017 (YouTube video) HitCounters MediaWiki extension MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group "Powerpedia Interns" GitHub account