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Between the Brackets by Yaron Koren is a podcast about the people and ideas behind the MediaWiki software. Interviews with developers and users of MediaWiki, both for Wikimedia sites (Wikipedia, Wikidata, etc.) and the many uses of MediaWiki in companies, organizations, government agencies, etc.

  • Episode 95: BTB Digest 15

    πŸ•‘ 24 minutes It's another BTB Digest! Robert Heine lays out his data structures, Nischay Nahata discusses his approach to in-wiki emailing, Ilana Fried talks about new features on Wikisource, Peter Meyer wishes for a general U.S. government wiki, Daisy Chen discusses WMF user research, and more.

  • Episode 94: Bill Pirkle

    πŸ•‘ 1 hour 3 minutes Bill Pirkle is a Senior Software Engineer on the Platform Engineering Team at the Wikimedia Foundation. Links for some of the topics discussed: Platform Engineering Team API Platform initiative "Add an image" feature Apache Kafka Wikipedia article

  • Episode 93: Igor Absorto

    πŸ•‘ 53 minutes Igor Absorto is a freelance developer and consultant, with a focus on MediaWiki. Links for some of the topics discussed: Igor Absorto homepage Tor Wikipedia article Aran Dunkley user page on mediawiki.org (includes list of extensions) AjaxComments extension

  • Episode 92: Daisy Chen

    πŸ•‘ 47 minutes Daisy Chen is a senior UX (user experience) researcher at the Wikimedia Foundation. She has been at the WMF since 2012. Links for some of the topics discussed: Daisy Chen user page on mediawiki.org User experience Wikipedia article Wikimedia research/Usability testing

  • Episode 91: Peter Meyer

    πŸ•‘ 1 hour 12 minutes Peter Meyer is a research economist at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Wikimedia DC chapter. He is also one of the organizers of the upcoming WikiConference North America 2021. Links for some of the topics discussed: "Statipedia: A wiki platform for collaboration across agencies" (2013 EMWCon presentation) Inventing Aviation wiki Homebrew Computer Club Wikipedia article "Episodes of Collective Invention" (2003 paper by Peter Meyer) "Network of Tinkerers: A Model of Open‐Source Technology Innovation" (2007 paper by Peter Meyer) Wikimedia DC WikiConference North America 2021

  • Episode 90: Ilana Fried

    πŸ•‘ 1 hour 5 minutes Ilana Fried is the product manager for the Campaigns team at the Wikimedia Foundation. Before that, she was the product manager for the Community Tech team at the WMF. She is also the founder of Gynopedia, a wiki for women's health information around the world. Links for some of the topics discussed: Gynopedia Gynopedia Wikipedia article WMF Community Tech team Community Wishlist Survey Watchlist expiry MediaWiki feature Who Wrote That? Wikipedia tool WMF Campaigns team

  • Episode 89: BTB Digest 14

    πŸ•‘ 21 minutes It's another BTB Digest! Alexander Mashin attempts to add read-access control to MediaWiki, Jeffrey Wang recalls bailing out Wikispaces users, Liam Wyatt talks about the WMF struggling not to make too much money, Lars Dalgaard extols institutional memory, Jon Robson praises getting rid of institutional debt, and more. Β 

  • Episode 88: Nischay Nahata

    πŸ•‘ 1 hour 7 minutes Nischay Nahata is the co-founder of Truww, a home interior company based in Bangalore, India. He is also a consultant for my MediaWiki consulting company, WikiWorks. Links for some of the topics discussed: Truww WikiWorks UploadWizard DocBookExport MediaWiki extension SketchUp Wikipedia article

  • Episode 87: Robert Heine

    πŸ•‘ 54 minutes Robert Heine is the founder and CEO of the MediaWiki-based site energypedia, and the consulting company energypedia consult GmbH. Links for some of the topics discussed: energypedia energypedia consult WebMo Β 

  • Episode 86: Jon Robson

    πŸ•‘ 1 hour 23 minutes Jon Robson is a developer in the Readers Web Team at the Wikimedia Foundation. He has worked for the Wikimedia Foundation since 2012. Links for some of the topics discussed: Wikimedia Skins Lab Star Citizen Wiki Wikimedia Desktop Improvements project Jon's listing of user scripts with client errors Wikimedia Vue UI (WVUI) library "Migrating code from MediaWiki's ResourceLoader to Webpack" (2019 blog post) "I believe strongly that in a decade from now..." (2019 Twitter post) Wikimedia Commons "Search media" feature