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2104, 2021

Extended Date Time Format for Wikibase

By |April 21st, 2021|Comments Off on Extended Date Time Format for Wikibase

Professional.wiki announced the release of  the Wikibase extension Wikibase EDTF. This means that Wikibase can now support the EDTF standard.

EDTF stands for Extended Date Time Format. The EDTF standard adds new date formats to ISO 8601-2019 2, including support for intervals, sets, uncertainty, precision and seasons. It was published by the US Library of Congress in 2019, after joint creation of the standard with the wider bibliographic community.

Learn more in the offical announcement.

1903, 2021

EMWCon 2021: call for (virtual) participation and presentations

By |March 19th, 2021|Tags: , |Comments Off on EMWCon 2021: call for (virtual) participation and presentations

The registration is open for the online-only EMWCon 2021, the Enterprise MediaWiki Conference!

Talks are still being accepted. Please help to design a well-planned program by submitting your talk proposals as soon as possible but no later than April 9.

The conference will be online-only (virtual) on April 20-22 between 9 AM and 5 PM EDT (platform details coming soon).  EMWCon is a three-day conference featuring discussions of topics related to “Enterprise MediaWiki”, i.e. the usage of MediaWiki software by and within companies, non-profits, governments, and other organizations. The intended audience of EMWCon Spring 2021 is anyone who uses, or would like to learn more about, MediaWiki.  There will be many opportunities to interact with others using and developing MediaWiki including presentations, workshops, and breakout rooms.

To register/signup for EMWCon please add your name here.


The EMWCon 2021 organizing committee

  • Bryan Hilderbrand (General Chair)
  • Yaron Koren (Program Chair)
  • Ike Hecht (Sponsorship Chair)


1603, 2021

BlueSpice 3.2.0 released

By |March 16th, 2021|Comments Off on BlueSpice 3.2.0 released

The minor release of BlueSpice MediaWiki from Hallo Welt! GmbH offers new functions, optimized user guidance and bug fixes.

Read more at https://en.wiki.bluespice.com/wiki/BlueSpice_3.2

1101, 2021

Semantic MediaWiki 3.2

By |January 11th, 2021|Tags: , |Comments Off on Semantic MediaWiki 3.2

Professional.wiki summarized the most important new features of Semantic MediaWiki 3.2. In addition, the developers announced a new Release Policy: More major releases are planned in the future; minor and patch releases will in the future only bring compatible feature improvements and bug fixes.

You can read the whole blog article here.

710, 2020

New release: Unit testing with MWUnit

By |October 7th, 2020|Tags: |Comments Off on New release: Unit testing with MWUnit

Yesterday Marijn van Wezel (Wikibase Solutions) released version 1.0.0 of MWUnit. This extension for MediaWiki provides a unit testing framework for templates, parser functions and other wikitext. It allows people who write technical templates to automatically test those templates and changes to those templates. It ensures that a template, or section of a template, meets its design requirements and behaves exactly as intended.

Read more on the official extension page at mediawiki.org with tons of documentation.

2809, 2020

New MediaWiki logo: Second round of voting started

By |September 28th, 2020|Comments Off on New MediaWiki logo: Second round of voting started

The decision for a new MediaWiki logo is now entering the decisive round. There are different variants of the winner of the first round to choose from: Should it appear in a completely new colour, continue in the Wikimedia colours or the existing yellow of the sunflower? In addition, it is also about a new spelling of MediaWiki. The choice is between keeping the traditional CamelCase spelling or a more modern lowercase spelling.

Votes can be cast until 24 October 2020. Click here to go to the project page and vote.

2509, 2020

Chameleon skin version 3.1.0 released

By |September 25th, 2020|Tags: , , |Comments Off on Chameleon skin version 3.1.0 released

Professional.wiki announced the release of Chameleon skin 3.1.0! This release brings improved support for MediaWiki 1.35 and fixes a styling issue with definition lists. Download and read me at GitHub.

3006, 2020

New extension: Page Exchange

By |June 30th, 2020|Comments Off on New extension: Page Exchange

Yaron Koren has released a new extension that allows the distribution of wiki page content! With “Page Exchange” you can install and update “packages” which are groups of one or more wiki pages. Read more.

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