Andre Klapper (Wikimedia Foundation) gave a talk at the Chaos Communication Congress 2019 last year, presenting a number of interesting Wikimedia tools beyond the immediate development tools. Learn more about:

  • The Locator Tool (for geocoding existing images),
  • HotCat (for easy adding categories),
  • InternetArchiveBot (for finding dead links and adding archived versions on the InternetArchive),
  • Pageviews (for providing statistiscs about page views across languages, projects and platforms),
  • QuickStatements (an editor for Wikidata),
  • MediaWiki code search (a search through all of MediaWiki core, extensions, and skins that are hosted on Gerrit),
  • Commons Mobile app (to upload pictures from any Android device),
  • NOA Upload Tool (which allows fetching scientific images from open accee articls and uploading them to Wikimedia Commons),
  • Programs and Event Dashboard (an assistent for the management of wiki programs and events),
  • Twinkle (which helps editors with Wikipedia maintenance tasks),
  • and the Coolest Tool Award.

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